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About the Cultural Heritage Digital Collection

Clarksdale is immersed in history, founding families, as well as the blues. Carnegie Public Library  celebrated its centennial April 2014. We want to tell a comprehensive story of the library and its importance to Clarksdale and Coahoma County during this 100-year period and forward.


The Carnegie Public Library Cultural Heritage Digital collection will begin a continuous collection of digitized historical materials including photos, letters, slave records, family collections, library records, and more. We will feature and highlight selected collections including digitized photographs of our first accession book and first patrons, maps, speakers/authors, musicians, early articles and tibits, library history, and facts and photos of Clarksdale and Coahoma County, to name only a few.


We welcome a broad audience of patrons, researchers, tourists, students, authors, and genealogists. By providing these collections online, we hope also to help preserve some of our rare materials that are becoming increasing fragile.


As this will be a continuous project that involves significant research and preparation, the collections will be made available at unspecified times. We invite you to visit the site often.

In materials that contain or present substantive project content, such as an exhibition, article, catalogue or other publication, video documentary, or online exhibition or website, the acknowledgement must also include the following statement: “The views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this (publication) (program) (exhibition) (website) (article) do not necessarily represent those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.” If you have any question about whether your product requires this statement, please contact the Office of Communications and Government Affairs at 202-653-4757.

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